ORANGE PEEL : Two Containers! April 2014 : JDM RX7 + JDM Everything

Our latest containers have arrived!  We unloaded our 25 Year Rule Mazda RX7 Turbo 2 with JDM ReAmemiya flavor.  We have in stock many front and rear clips.  We brought some Honda Type R goodness in a DC2 and DC5 Front Clip!  The usual Supra Front and Rear Clips are back in stock as well as Aristo Front Clips.  We also have a minty 180SX Front Clip!  S13 Silvia Conversions are back instock.  Many  Interior / Exterior Body / Drivetrains / Differentials / are now available for S13 / S14 / S15 / Supra / Soarer / Aristo / RX7 / Altezza.  Check back for updated pics as we continue to sort out everything!

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