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DRAG International is proud to announce DRAGint MATS!  Style and Performance are the key to a unique sports car.  Designed around OEM specifications with durable heel pad and anchor points, functionality is enhanced.  Looped Pile and Waterproof construction offer easy cleaning.  DRAGint MATS  checkered styling is the only way to step into the winners circle!  A new tuning upgrade option for popular performance vehicles, will be fully functional soon with free shipping on every order!


Events : Supercar Saturdays Florida @ Lamborghini Broward 10/2017 #LAMBO954

One of South Florida’s best and most eclectic cars and coffee gatherings is certainly the Supercar Saturdays Florida at Lamborghini of Broward.  Held every 2nd Sat of the Month, we took the opportunity to visit this month to make up for the canceled September edition (Hurricane Irma).  We also wanted to show off our very Italian Alfa SZ!  The event is from 10am-1pm and typically concludes with an impromptu lunch rally.  You can become a part of the Supercar Saturdays Florida Social club with additional gatherings, meets and rallies throughout South Florida.  The rain did not let up but that did not stop the die hard drivers and fans from coming out.  Visit the Supercar Saturdays Florida official site for more info.  On to the pics!!!

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Imported : Rare 1990 Alfa Romeo SZ – Il Mostro Arrives with Irma!!!!

As we prepared for Hurrican IRMA we could not help but feel concerned for the arrival of our latest Container to the Port of Miami.  Irma, the most Monsterous Hurricane in all of Florida’s History passed through the Keys days after our Alfa Romeo SZ, Il Mostro landed at the port.  This shipment is particularly special as it brings our usual assortment of engines and parts as well as one of the Rarest Zagato Designed production cars every created! Number 55 of 1000 Produced, this modern classic is Super Italian and Super Collectible.  A design study that revealed Alfa’s future vehicle styling highlights, it is literally a concept car put into production!  Based on the successful and sporty 75 chassis, the car was tuned by the motorsports director for true high performance sports car handling.  Styled by Alfa Romeo designers internally and built at the Zagato factory, the SZ – short for Sprint Zagato, comes from a lineage of beautiful performers.  The car is serialized and only came in Red.  There are a handful of factory variations in terms of interior color, exterior color, and accessory equipment.  It’s design utilizes “plastic” in the construction of all body panels and gives the car an extremely unique and mesmerizing look.  It is truly a fantastic blend of 80’s boxiness and ’90’s smooth aero!

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Scoot Sports FD3S Top Speed Wangan Warrior 327KMH Replica – In Japan Auctions WTF?!

Japanese auctions are awesome.  On any given day, you can find a full spectrum of automotive goodness available for purchase.  From your little sisters daily driver 1999 Toyota Corolla with 200,000 KM’s and  200,000 door dings to purpose built sports cars by world renowned tuners like this :  Scoot Sports FD3S RX7 for Track/Top Speed!  This does not seem like the original 327 Top Speed FD3S, but a customer car that Scoot Sports build as a tribute.  The car has been thoroughly upgraded from all aspects to include Engine / Trans / Fuel / Turbo / Radiator / Aero / Brakes / Suspension.  It has been spotted by Speedhunters at the Scoot Sports shop in Japan as well as various popular RX7 meets and RX7 Track Days at Tsukuba.  This should return to auction this week 06/19/17 – contact us if you would like to ad this wicked RX7 to your collection!  Check out Scoot Sports Website:

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In JDM Auction May 2017 – Holy Grail AE86 Black Limited Sprinter Trueno!!!!

A rare version of a cult classic has come up for auction in Japan!  The Black Limited Sprinter Trueno was a final send off version for the AE86 Hatch in GT Apex spec.  Small treatments in gold throughout made the car a little more upscale and low production of only 400 units make it extremely rare!  These are extremely desirable in Japan and so it makes sense that the auction starting price is $20,000.00! These will retail for $40-$50k with higher mileage! With only 68k KM’s, all stock, and all special Black Limited trims intact – this is a rare opportunity for the #AE86 Enthusiast.  It may also be extremely expensive lol.  We are not 100% certain, but pretty sure that there does not exist a real Black Limited AE86 in the USA! We can get you this car 100% Legal under the 25yr Rule – contact us!

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JDM VIBES : Saturday Summer ’16

Having recently gotten the Medicine Man Racing Team R32 GTR back into top form with consistent 7.40 times we spend a Saturday relaxing a bit with family and friends.  We have a great selection of cars for sale so contact us with serious inquiries.  Supras, Chasers, Pulsars, RX7s, and GS300s all with the DRAGint touch.

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