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We have the resources to find / purchase / store and import  specialty sports cars from the international market – especially those 25 years and older.  We also build sports cars from the ground up –  Mild to Wild!  Your favorite Japanese, German, Italian and British sports cars can be sourced, purchased, imported and customized by DRAGint!  Email us : DRAGintinfo@yahoo.com


In stock – We have available a few awesome Japanese Sports Cars:

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SOLD Vehicles

Here is our SOLD vehicles archive.  We can Import / Source / Build your favorite Japanese Sports Car like the ones shown here – contact us today!  DRAGintinfo@yahoo.com

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RACING : S3000 Action at the 3rd Annual Sport Compact Finals!!! #GRSMotorsports

The S3000 was back on the track for the last race of the season.  The GRS Motorsports Sport Compact Finals is becoming a favorite race of the season with super tight racing at record breaking speeds!  Our Honda S3000 with DRAGint 2JZ Power went 7.16 to advance in eliminations, later losing with traction problems.  Zoian (5.80 Win) went up against Criatura (5.83) in the final for a wicked 5 second side by side race!!!!  Team Tekno Toys made great passes all weekend and topped it off with a crazy Nissan 4 Cylinder World Record 6.50 @ 220mph for the win!!  Big Daddy was in the 7’s all weekend and M-Unit was back on track with a new 8.85 PB and a class win!!!  Rotary action was hot with Quiles Racing running World Record 6.3 range!  Rafielito Racing would take the class win on an incredible Personal Best 6.45 pass range and winning his class!!!!!  There was so much action, check GRS Motorsports Facebook for all the highlights and videos!!!  Big up Orlando Speedworld for the awesome track and all the fans that turned up!

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Scoot Sports FD3S Top Speed Wangan Warrior 327KMH Replica – In Japan Auctions WTF?!

Japanese auctions are awesome.  On any given day, you can find a full spectrum of automotive goodness available for purchase.  From your little sisters daily driver 1999 Toyota Corolla with 200,000 KM’s and  200,000 door dings to purpose built sports cars by world renowned tuners like this :  Scoot Sports FD3S RX7 for Track/Top Speed!  This does not seem like the original 327 Top Speed FD3S, but a customer car that Scoot Sports build as a tribute.  The car has been thoroughly upgraded from all aspects to include Engine / Trans / Fuel / Turbo / Radiator / Aero / Brakes / Suspension.  It has been spotted by Speedhunters at the Scoot Sports shop in Japan as well as various popular RX7 meets and RX7 Track Days at Tsukuba.  This should return to auction this week 06/19/17 – contact us if you would like to ad this wicked RX7 to your collection!  Check out Scoot Sports Website: http://www.scoot.ico.bz/base1.html

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Winding Road Master – DRAGint FD3S with High Response!

Lightness and Quickness are traits rarely found in today’s sports cars.  Big power comes with big weight and cumbersome handling.  Taking it back to the 90’s, the FD3S RX7 represents one of the all time best handling machines for driving pleasure.  Upgraded throughout, this FD is extremely responsive with over 400HP at a low 15psi!  Visually, this car is wicked with JDM modifications and Carbon trims to set it apart.  Stop in to our facility to review this car and the other JDM sports cars we have available!

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JDM VIBES : Saturday Summer ’16

Having recently gotten the Medicine Man Racing Team R32 GTR back into top form with consistent 7.40 times we spend a Saturday relaxing a bit with family and friends.  We have a great selection of cars for sale so contact us with serious inquiries.  Supras, Chasers, Pulsars, RX7s, and GS300s all with the DRAGint touch.

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For Sale : FD3S RX7 Street / Show Monster

We have available for sale an amazing 1994 Mazda RX7 R2 FD3S built by a true enthusiast over 10 years of ownership!  This car has performance and looks alike with a fresh engine as well as mint paint, body and interior.  Garage kept and only driven on special occasions this RX7 performs as well as it looks.  Equipped with classic upgrades from HKS, Re-Amemiya and FEED this car also features new age upgrades form Precision Turbo and Mircotech EFI making it an all around driveable 400+ HP Show Winner.  The motor was professionally built with a street port and pinned, all assembled with a new oem rebuild kit.  This car starts up and idles perfectly with ice cold ac, rides smooth and tracks straight.  It has been modified from every aspect including aerodynamics, suspension and brakes, paint and body, engine and transmission as well as a custom interior!  No shortcuts were taken and no details overlooked in this build.

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