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ORANGE PEEL : Two Containers! April 2014 : JDM RX7 + JDM Everything

Our latest containers have arrived!  We unloaded our 25 Year Rule Mazda RX7 Turbo 2 with JDM ReAmemiya flavor.  We have in stock many front and rear clips.  We brought some Honda Type R goodness in a DC2 and DC5 Front Clip!  The usual Supra Front and Rear Clips are back in stock as well as Aristo Front Clips.  We also have a minty 180SX Front Clip!  S13 Silvia Conversions are back instock.  Many  Interior / Exterior Body / Drivetrains / Differentials / are now available for S13 / S14 / S15 / Supra / Soarer / Aristo / RX7 / Altezza.  Check back for updated pics as we continue to sort out everything!

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Half Cuts – Front Clips – Rear Clips

If you are interested in a Complete Front / Rear Clip we offer Cuts with Body Panels, Chassis Legs, Complete Running Drivetrains, Firewall with Dashboard and Pedal Assemblies!  Everything you need to fix your vehicles front end or rear end collision, install a JDM Turbo Motor and convert your ride to RHD.

We have parts for Chassis: S13 S14 S15 RPS13 JZA80 JZA70 JZZ30 JZS161 SXE10 FD3S RNN14 DC2 DC5.

We also have Toyota Supra Rear Clips for your Rear Impact and Quarter Panel Needs.

Nose Cuts for S14 Kouki Front End Coversions are also available.

Here are a few of our Clips / Cuts currently Available and In Stock at our Davie Location.

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