Imported : Rare 1990 Alfa Romeo SZ – Il Mostro Arrives with Irma!!!!

As we prepared for Hurrican IRMA we could not help but feel concerned for the arrival of our latest Container to the Port of Miami.  Irma, the most Monsterous Hurricane in all of Florida’s History passed through the Keys days after our Alfa Romeo SZ, Il Mostro landed at the port.  This shipment is particularly special as it brings our usual assortment of engines and parts as well as one of the Rarest Zagato Designed production cars every created! Number 55 of 1000 Produced, this modern classic is Super Italian and Super Collectible.  A design study that revealed Alfa’s future vehicle styling highlights, it is literally a concept car put into production!  Based on the successful and sporty 75 chassis, the car was tuned by the motorsports director for true high performance sports car handling.  Styled by Alfa Romeo designers internally and built at the Zagato factory, the SZ – short for Sprint Zagato, comes from a lineage of beautiful performers.  The car is serialized and only came in Red.  There are a handful of factory variations in terms of interior color, exterior color, and accessory equipment.  It’s design utilizes “plastic” in the construction of all body panels and gives the car an extremely unique and mesmerizing look.  It is truly a fantastic blend of 80’s boxiness and ’90’s smooth aero!

Offering a 210HP V6 recognized for its symphonic wail and a handling balance afforded by the race car like transaxle, the SZ has underpinnings of a true sports car.  The SZ also incorporated new age ’90’s technology like Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension to elevate its driving characteristics.  Our vehicle retains all of the unique highlights of the SZ design including the bespoke Speedline Wheels, ZagatoDesign Seats, Momo Steering Wheel, Adjustable Suspension and Plastic Body.  The advanced design of the vehicles shape was to be brought to reality by building the body out of composite materials.  We pleased to offer #055 of 1000 Produced.

In person, the car is truly captivating as its small proportions, color contrast, and distinct design set it apart!  The drive is very engaging with a fantastic wail from the V6 as you approach its redline.  Power is surprisingly satisfying while the chassis is extremely capable!  The handling of this vehicle was world class when it came out and it shows as even by today’s standards it is a great road holding driver.

Available to be seen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by appointment.  Local Pickup or Enclosed and Insured Transport is no problem.  Also this classic would qualify for collector car financing.  We are a specialty car importer that specializes in European and Japanese Classics!

1990 Alfa Romeo SZ (Sprint Zagato ES30)
VIN ZAR16200003000071 – Florida Titled
#055 of 1000 Produced
39,000 Kilometers / 24,000 Miles
All Original including Alfa Stamped Glass and Plastic Body
Includes Original Leather Bound Certificate of Authenticity
Includes Original Leather Spare Tire Bag
Includes Original Tools and Spare Tire

Runs Great with smooth shifts and no grinds.  Has great performance and sound from the V6.  Tracks straight and confidently with proper functioning hydraulic suspension.  Electronics work properly with functioning lights, power windows, power steering, cool A/C, etc.  Speedometer needs to be refurbished and shows speed intermittently.  The odometer mileage counter is working properly.  This car has prior service history and was properly kept / stored – it is in excellent condition inside and out.

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