Imported : 1991 928 S4 Japan Exclusive Edition – 1 of 50 Produced!!!!!!

Available now we have an extremely rare 1991 928 S4 Exclusive edition with rare XX8 GTS Flares option code.  This car is a very unique edition as this car being a 1991, has the widebody of the GTS  variant which were not available until 1992 for ROW and 1993 for USA!  Porsche built 79 of these cars prior to 1992 – 1 for USA / 28 for Europe / 50 for Japan!  The car is extremely attractive and in very good condition!  It was rated Grade 4 in Japan!  Timing belt service as well as other maintenance have been performed recently – the car is very solid.  Contact us at

With roughly 47k miles the car is in better condition than the age and mileage would suggest!  The Japanese period correct Work Equip Wheels are a fantastic touch to enhance the look of the factory widebody!  Other ugprades include a stereo system.  The car remains mostly stock and was definitely well cared for.  Specs:

This is a Japan Market 1991 928 S4 Exclusive – 1 of 50 Produced explicitly for Japan and 1 of 91 Produced worldwide with XX8 Option Code (GTS Fender Flares) prior to the existence of the factory GTS variant. The car is extremely well optioned with other exclusive department appointments such as root wood console / door cards / shifter, extended leather and paint deviations.

With the ’80’s hype of mega wide bodies, the 928 was a usual suspect for Strosek / Gemballa / Koenig modifications giving the round 928 a more angular and Ferrari/Lambo feel. However popular, the most elegant and beautiful version of the 928 actually came from Porsche! It is little known that the GTS Rear Wide Body Flares were designed and available as early as 1990 via the Exclusive Department Special Wishes Program : Option Code XX8.

For the 1991 model year, Mizwa, the sole Porsche Importer for Japan, ordered 50 of these cars all similarly appointed but in different colors to sell as factory mega wide body cars alongside narrow standard 928’s. The body treatment was so well received that Porsche made it standard equipment on the final variant of the 928 – the wide body GTS from 1992-1995.

The car is in very good condition showing only minor wear commensurate with the 76000 Kilometers / 47000 Miles. The interior is very clean for being the easily stained Linen color. The exterior shines with original paint and clean dark trims – evidence of having been garage kept.

With regular service, to include engine oil, trans oil, diff oil, and recent timing belt completed 3700 miles ago, this 928 is ready for the road.  We have performed an engine oil change, replaced the heater valve as well as a PSD System Flush.  The underside and carriage is in excellent condition still showing most of the original Porsche Cosmoline brown undercoating!  It is dry and clean.

The 928 S4 Exclusive is mostly stock to include the front fender flares and the rear quarter reflector pods. The period correct and authentic Work Equip multi piece Japanese Performance Wheels are not stock but look great and fit perfectly with correct bolt pattern and offsets. The stock wheels are not included. The stereo system has been upgraded with new age components – the original stereo components are not included.

The car presents extremely well with bright consistent paintwork as well as a clean and odor free interior.  The car drives very well with ample power and smooth idle.

-1991 928 S4 Exclusive
-VIN : WP0ZZZ92ZMS801354
-Numbers Matching
-Midnight Blue Metallic Exterior Paint over Silk Grey / Marina Blue Leather
-76000 Kilometers / 47000 Miles
-17 Inch Work Equip Multi Piece Modular Wheels : Period Correct Japanese Wheel
-Upgrade Aftermarket Stereo
-Original Japan Domestic Market Vehicle – 1 of 50 Commissioned by the sole Japan Porsche Importer Mizwa
-Many Special Order Exterior and Interior Options

I139 Seat Heating Left
I340 Seat Heating Right
I400 Pressure Cast Wheels
I513 Lumbar Right
I562 Dual Airbags
I567 Tinted Windshield Upper
I586 Lumbar Left
I980 Draped Leather Seats
IX22 Root Wood Shifter
IXD4 Porsche Crest Rim Caps
IXF2 Leather Instrument Housing
IXG8 Rear Spoiler Body Color
IXJ5 Root Wood Options
IXL5 Leather Covered Ign Key
IXX8 Exclusive Rear Wide Fenders (GTS Style) Only 79 Cars with this option produced for world!
M650 Electrical sliding roof

Chassis Photos: