ORANGE PEEL : WEKFEST Miami 2014 – The Sauce is The Boss

For the first time since its beginnings in 2009, the Wekfest tour makes a stop in Miami gathering the baddest and most creatively tuned vehicles from South Florida. Pronounced “weak” fest for all of you noobs, this event brings the focus and quality of car show typically only seen in California. Local favorites as well as fresh builds were on display showcasing the talent and individuality found here in the So Fla car scene. From air ride, to static/slammed as well as track focused performance, there was something for everyone. The Wekfest crew put on a great event with good vibes flowing all day. Big Shout out to our friends at Slammered Inc taking home multiple trophies for their bad ass golden S2000 and signal green G35. Enjoy our Hi-Res photos – click to view and download the full quality version!

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