The 2015 Detroit Auto Show – Amazing cars of a new era!!! Carbon V6 Twin Turbo Dual Clutch #Keywords

This 2015 edition of the renowned Detroit Auto Show is one of the best in quite some time as the world is the stage for the reveal of the new awesome production version Acura NSX and a surprise headliner, the Ford GT!   V6’s with twin turbo and 3 electric motors ensure the NSX will perform well at low and high speeds.  The GT is more conventional with a V6 with twin turbo alone!  Both have dual clutch automated transmissions.  The NSX debuts with a new design and significant design enhancements for production – it looks amazing!  Ford brought extra production version goodies to the mix with the Shelby GT350R running a 500hp flat plane crank V8 and significant aero upgrades.  The new Raptor also showed its new twin turbo V6!!!!!

It is amazing to see the change in design direction and engine technology in the Ford halo vehicles.  The production NSX is coming out nicer than the concept and hopefully its performance will be better than expected also.

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