ORANGE PEEL : GRS Motorsports 1st Annual Street Import Shootout!

The 1st Annual Street Import Shootout presented by and hosted by Orlando Speed World was awesome!!!  A new World Record was had by Team New Generation’s “Major League” RX8 blasting the 1/4 in 6.190 @ 224.77 mph taking back the 20B Rotary title!  Top Honors and $10k went to Damon Chin in his spectacular 2JZ powered Celica.  Repping Rosado Racing his consistency and back to back personal best times saw him knock out El Jerry in the Final!!!  At 6.24 @ 226 mph Damon is piloting his monster like no other.  The All Motor and Honda Classes also had tight racing all day with some of the fastest K and B series powered machines tearing it up.  We hope you enjoy our pictures and don’t forget to give us a call for all of your JDM Engine and Drivetrain needs. Contact for more info.  The High Resolution images can be saved directly from the links below!

DRAGintGRSDec2014001 DRAGintGRSDec2014002 DRAGintGRSDec2014003 DRAGintGRSDec2014006 DRAGintGRSDec2014021 DRAGintGRSDec2014022 DRAGintGRSDec2014023 DRAGintGRSDec2014028 DRAGintGRSDec2014036 DRAGintGRSDec2014040 DRAGintGRSDec2014035 DRAGintGRSDec2014051 DRAGintGRSDec2014055 DRAGintGRSDec2014061 DRAGintGRSDec2014063DRAGintGRSDec2014069 DRAGintGRSDec2014074 DRAGintGRSDec2014077 DRAGintGRSDec2014078 DRAGintGRSDec2014084 DRAGintGRSDec2014090 DRAGintGRSDec2014093 DRAGintGRSDec2014100 DRAGintGRSDec2014099 DRAGintGRSDec2014086 DRAGintGRSDec2014089DRAGintGRSDec2014106 DRAGintGRSDec2014109 DRAGintGRSDec2014113 DRAGintGRSDec2014116 DRAGintGRSDec2014119 DRAGintGRSDec2014122 DRAGintGRSDec2014125 DRAGintGRSDec2014127 DRAGintGRSDec2014133 DRAGintGRSDec2014134 DRAGintGRSDec2014140 DRAGintGRSDec2014141 DRAGintGRSDec2014143 DRAGintGRSDec2014144 DRAGintGRSDec2014145 DRAGintGRSDec2014148 DRAGintGRSDec2014158 DRAGintGRSDec2014160 DRAGintGRSDec2014162 DRAGintGRSDec2014168 DRAGintGRSDec2014172 DRAGintGRSDec2014173 DRAGintGRSDec2014174 DRAGintGRSDec2014189 DRAGintGRSDec2014192 DRAGintGRSDec2014194 DRAGintGRSDec2014197 DRAGintGRSDec2014201 DRAGintGRSDec2014202 DRAGintGRSDec2014203 DRAGintGRSDec2014209 DRAGintGRSDec2014210 DRAGintGRSDec2014217 DRAGintGRSDec2014219 DRAGintGRSDec2014221 DRAGintGRSDec2014229 DRAGintGRSDec2014231DRAGintGRSDec2014227 DRAGintGRSDec2014225

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