ORANGE PEEL : 19th Annual Haltech World Cup Finals – 2014 Day 2

Day 2  of the Haltech World Cup Finals was non stop racing as hundreds of racers fought to stay in their classes during this all day qualifying session.  A few highlights were of course the specatular MIR crew that kept the track clean and safe, record breaking E/T’s from the Outlaw Vs Extreme class, a slew of crazy fast Volkswagens , and Jessica Barton along with her WCF Girls to hype the crowd.  The Hondas were out in full force proving to be some of the tightest and most consistent racing all day.  Be sure to check our Day 1 coverage which was posted yesterday.  Tomorrow we will have the coverage of the Main Event : Sunday – Day 3 Finals of Eliminations and the Car Show + Bikini Contest!

You can view and save the high resolution image by clicking it or email us at for a copy!

ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint157ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint002 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint004 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint005 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint006 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint007 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint011 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint012 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint015 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint018 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint020 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint023 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint021 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint028 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint032 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint034 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint039 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint040 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint043 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint044 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint046 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint051 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint052 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint058 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint061 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint065 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint067 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint071 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint073 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint072 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint076 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint074 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint080 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint087 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint090 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint082 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint094 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint099 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint102 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint115 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint118 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint120 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint126 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint132 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint133 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint142 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint143 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint156 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint155 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint153 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint151 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint154 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint167 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint169 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint171 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint175 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint177 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint183 ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint187ImportvsDomesticDay2Dragint170




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