ORANGE PEEL : 19th Annual Haltech World Cup Finals – 2014 Day 3 Carshow + Bikini Contest

In addition to the incredible racing, Day 3 of the Haltech World Cup Finals pleased the fans with a very nice car show keeping true to the Import vs Domestic battle.  Classic muscle went up against JDM technology and there were many beautiful vehicles on display!  There was also a Bikini Contest hosted by the lovely Jessica Barton however we only captured a few images as we were focused on the races.  Congrats to the stunning Angelina Peralta for winning in the freezing cold!!!  Thanks again for visiting our site and be sure to check out  our Day 1 , Day 2 and Day 3 Finals Image Galleries!

_DSC5071 _DSC5090 _DSC5119 _DSC5152 _DSC5136_DSC4695_DSC4696_DSC4697_DSC4699_DSC4700_DSC4701_DSC4703_DSC4705_DSC4706_DSC4707_DSC4709_DSC4711_DSC4712_DSC4713_DSC4714_DSC4715_DSC4716_DSC4717_DSC4718_DSC4719_DSC4720_DSC4721_DSC4722_DSC4723_DSC4725_DSC4727_DSC4730_DSC4732_DSC4734_DSC4736_DSC4738_DSC4739_DSC4740_DSC4742_DSC4744_DSC4748_DSC4749_DSC4752_DSC4754_DSC4755_DSC4756_DSC4757_DSC4758_DSC4759_DSC4760_DSC4762_DSC4692

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