ORANGE PEEL : 19th Annual Haltech World Cup Finals – 2014 Day 1

The 19th Annual Haltech World Cup Finals has come and gone and like always – it was a spectacle of sheer speed and power.  Records were set on the national and world level for 2JZ and Rotary power – live and in the midst of battle!!! American power dominated this year with Mustangs and Corvettes proving that reliability over the 3 day event would trump Import record E/T’s and Trap Speeds! This set of pictures is from Friday – Day 1 of Qualifying. Be sure to check back for images of Saturday – Day 2 of Qualifying as well as Sunday – Day 3 Finals of Eliminations and the Car Show + Bikini Contest!

With open testing on Thursday many teams were running at full speed already having made quick adjustments to compensate for Maryland International Raceways Temperatures and Elevation. This track is FAST and the crew is professional and efficient – spills, slicks and crashes were dealt with in a matter of minutes!

You can view and save the high resolution image by clicking it or email us at for a copy!

ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint004 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint006 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint002 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint009 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint015 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint017 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint022 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint020 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint026 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint025 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint030 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint033 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint021 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint005 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint007 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint038 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint043 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint050 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint055 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint053 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint063 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint064 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint071 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint067 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint074 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint092 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint087 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint094 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint084 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint101 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint107 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint113 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint111 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint117 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint118 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint116 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint130 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint127 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint126 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint124 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint134 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint143 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint137 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint131 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint129 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint146 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint149 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint157 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint158 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint171 ImportvsDomesticDay1Dragint172

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