ORANGE PEEL : Festivals of Speed 2015 – Power and Style in Miami’s Heat

For the 4th year in a row Festivals of Speed brings together a world class selection of cars, motorcycles and boats – all representing power and style like only Miami can.  At the Miami Museum Park – across from the Miami Heat Arena – this waterfront setting was a wonderful backdrop for some of the most exciting cars in existence!

On display were many classic vehicles from private collections such as the Toyota 2000GT, Plymouth Super Bird and DeTomaso Pantera.  A plethora of new age exotic, super and hyper cars were also on display with a strong showing from many staples of South Florida automotive tuning and customizing.  Our friends from ADV1 Wheels were out in full force with a gang of sick whips all sporting performance modifications in addition to their bespoke performance wheels.  Also on hand was Wheels Boutique, The Fort Lauderdale Collection, Strasse Forged, Velos Design Werks, Ducati Miami,  and of course Lamborghini of MiamiPrestige Imports all showing amazing chariots of speed.

We were able to take a few pics of the event.  Any of these images is available immediately for purchase in 8.5×11 or 13×19 Professional Print! Contact for more info. Enjoy!

FOS201501 FOS201502 FOS201503 FOS201504 FOS201505 FOS201506 FOS201507 FOS201508 FOS201509 FOS201510 FOS201511 FOS201512 FOS201513 FOS201514 FOS201515 FOS201516 FOS201517 FOS201518 FOS201519 FOS201520 FOS201521 FOS201522 FOS201523 FOS201524 FOS201525 FOS201526 FOS201527 FOS201528 FOS201529 FOS201530 FOS201531 FOS201532 FOS201533 FOS201534 FOS201535 FOS201536 FOS201537 FOS201538 FOS201539 FOS201540 FOS201541 FOS201542 FOS201543 FOS201544 FOS201545 FOS201546 FOS201547 FOS201548 FOS201549 FOS201550 FOS201551 FOS201552 FOS201553 FOS201554 FOS201555 FOS201556 FOS201557 FOS201558 FOS201559 FOS201560 FOS201561 FOS201562 FOS201563 FOS201564 FOS201565 FOS201566 FOS201567 FOS201568 FOS201569 FOS201570 FOS201571 FOS201572 FOS201573 FOS201574 FOS201575 FOS201576 FOS201577 FOS201578 FOS201579 FOS201580 FOS201581 FOS201582 FOS201583 FOS201584 FOS201585 FOS201586

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