JDM Import ’98 Nissan Pulsar VZR N1 – 1 of 250 Factory Produced for Racing!

For our Nissan fanatics we bring to you an opportunity to own one of the rarest Nissan production vehicles ever made!  Focusing on racing and performance for production car competition – We present to you the 1998 Nissan Pulsar VZR N1!  1 of 250 Produced, this vehicle employs a factory race engine in the lightest chassis available from Nissan making a fierce competitor for Japanese Racing.

A close competitor to the Honda Civic and Integra Type R variants this Pulsar VZR N1 accomplished what the Honda’s could not by delivering 200HP from its 1.6L SR16VE Neo VVL engine making it the highest specific output production engine in the world!!!

8 thoughts on “JDM Import ’98 Nissan Pulsar VZR N1 – 1 of 250 Factory Produced for Racing!”

  1. Demn… If we weren’t restricted to imports with a max 6 years old this would’ve been on a boat to me…

  2. Love these cars not had a vzr but want one! If/is this car still up for grabs what is the asking price? Were is the car located?

  3. hi. Is the Vzr n1 still available and if so how much for car and how much to ship to uk? Cheers

  4. Hello we are asking $10,000.00 for the VZR N1. Shipping will be expensive, I am unsure of exactly how much to the UK. Thanks.

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