Swap Service : Lexus SC430 + 2JZGTE VVTI PTE 6266 Single Turbo!

The Lexus SC430 has always intrigued us.  It is bullet proof reliable, is based on a chassis that can accept JZ drivetrain, and is a convertible.  It sounds like a great canvas to build up a sick street / show car but the unknown electronics tricky canbus system have scared shops and customers away alike.  We at DRAG International love a challenge and with the help of Brian of Extreme Motorsports (Fabrication) and Jr of JR Wiring Solutions (electrician) we have accomplished our goal to install a 2JZ Single Turbo drivetrain and retain all of the amenities of the Z40 Chassis!!  What do you call an automobile that can drop its hard top roof, encompass you in luxury appointments and melts its rear tires with 2JZ power – A Dream Come True!

We customized the Fuel System / Coolant System / AC Lines / Powersteering System / Computer Wiring / Drive Shaft and Differential / Intake and Intercooler Kit / Exhaust Downpipe and Wastegate Dump as well as a few other tricks to get the job done.  The car has fully functioning retractable hardtop, fully functioning gauge cluster and drives factory smooth.  When the boost hits it sounds bad ass and pulls hard!

With the price of Supra’s going sky high for sub par non turbo examples – swapping a super clean SC430 is your best bet for 2 seater 2JZ power!

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