Orange Peel : R32 GTR Dyno Shootout – Godzillas smash AG Autosports rollers!!!

Having tuned up, maintained and restored 3 single turbo monster Nissan R32 Skylines we decided to take them to AG Autosports to dyno test them and make sure they are running in top condition!  With the help of Crispeed Tuned we recorded 504 HP for the Red T78 Greddy Powered R32.  The White T88 Greddy Powered R32 made 502 HP and the Black T04R HKS Powered R32 made 428 HP.  We are quite pleased with the results and we are certain these are the baddest R32’s you can buy in the USA!  Check out the video and pictures below.  Trust for your R32 GTR and JDM Sports Car!  Visit our EBAY Store to view the sale listings.

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