For Sale : JDM Import – R32 Skyline GTR – Authentic JDM Drag Spec 502HP Greddy T88!!!

Another monster from Japan arrives, we have waited patiently for this Drag Racing Spec R32 GTR with Built Engine / Built Trans / Greddy T88 Turbo Kit including Greddy Intake Manifold and Greddy Intercooler Kit!  This car makes 502 wheel HP on low boost!!!!!  It has many rare parts like Nismo Aero, Veilside Exhaust and Veilside Gauge Cluster – this GTR is the one!

This authentic Hi Output R32 GTR has been built to classic Japanese 0-400KM Drag Race Specs with all the best parts available. The appearance is subtle with minor Nismo and Veilside Aero upgrades and a beautiful Pearl White with Purple Flake paintjob. All jambs as well as engine bay were painted with base coat / clear coat. The chassis is in great condition and has no rust. With the market being inundated by with scores of sub par examples know that we only import top quality cars. In addition we are Skyline experts and have inspected and performed maintenance on this vehicle to ensure many worry free miles to come. This car pulls HARD with neck snapping acceleration – check out the video above. It also drives extremely smooth and straight. This car was thoughtfully upgraded and is very clean inside and out. This is the perfect example for the true enthusiast seeking a modified GTR with hard to find JDM parts!

01/1990 Production Nissan Skyline GTR
64,000 Miles
Factory 4WD with HICAS Steering System
Smooth Shifting Close Ratio 5 Speed Transmission
Complete exterior and interior
Custom Professional Multistage Paint – White Pearl (Purple Flake)

Nismo Side Skirts
Nismo Bumper Vents
Nismo Hood Wing
Veilside Rear Wing
All glass, lights, trim and moldings are in good shape
Stock Clean GTR Steering Wheel and rare Impul aluminum Shift Knob
Clean Stock factory Seats Front + Rear
Karo Upgrade Checkered Floor Mats Front + Rear
All working interior components and windows
Veilside 320KHM Gauge Cluster
Greddy Gauge Set Oil Press / Boost Press / EGT / Oil Temp

Suspension / Brakes:
KYB Front Struts with Lowering Springs
Bilstein Rear Struts with Lowering Springs
Volk Racing TE37 17 Inch Wheels with Good Tires

Engine / Drivetrain:
Heavily Modified RB26 with High Power Upgrades for Longevity
Starts up and idles perfectly
Pulls Extremely Hard to the 8000+ RPM Redline
No Grinds or Transmission Issues
Built Engine: Rods / Pistons / 264 Cams / Metal Head Gasket
Greddy Racing T88 Turbo Kit with External Dump Greddy Wastegate and Stainless Manifold
Greddy Racing Intake Manifold with HKS Fuel Kit + Extra Greddy Fuel Kit
Greddy Racing Twin Intake Filter Kit
Greddy Racing Intercooler
Greddy Racing Type R BOV
Greddy Remote Oil Cooler Kit
Oil Catch Can
OS Giken 1/2/3 Gears
Triple Disc Clutch
Upgrade Differentials
Veilside Exhaust
Upgrade Fuel Pump
Upgrade ECU
HKS Boost Controller

Check out the ebay listing here: Greddy T88 R32 For Sale on Ebay

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