For Sale : 180SX 900HP Street Race Build with 2JZ Power

The Nissan S13/14/15 series has provided a quite capable chassis for speed.  With advanced upgrades and a great driver these cars have been known to go 7 Secs in the 1/4 mile in street trim! This black S13 is a longtime dedicated build that has gone 10 sec’s in full track trim and is even faster now in street trim.

The automatic race transmission was recently replaced in favor of an R154 5 Speed with an RPS Twin Carbon Clutch.  The car has the full lot of upgrades associated with 2JZ conversion including modified gauge cluster, electrical, cooling and chassis mods.  AEM V2 controlled and Lance Tuned, the custom single turbo kit and upgraded engine eagerly produce 900HP.  Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension have all been upgraded as well.

Engine Specs:

  • Head : BC 272 Cams / BC Springs / BC Retainers
  • Head : Rev 1mm oversize Flat Nitride Valves
  • Head : Shimless Buckets
  • Head : New Valve Seals
  • Head : Inserts for Studs
  • Head : New OEM Toyota Head Gasket
  • Block : Bored 20 over
  • Block : Decked
  • Block : CP 10:1 Pistons w/ Upgrade Wrist Pins
  • Block : Carillo Rods
  • Block : ACL Bearings
  • Block : Billet Main Caps for Crank
  • Block : New OEM Oil Pump
  • Block : ATI Dampner

Transmission Specs:

  • R154 Built with Marlin Crawler Kit
  • RPS Carbon Twin Clutch

Suspension Specs:

  • Front KYB Shocks with Eibach Sport Line Lowering Springs
  • Front Cusco Carbon Strut Tower Bar
  • Rear Tein Coil Overs
  • Q45 LSD Differential
  • 300ZX TT Axles
  • Work XD9 18 Inch Wheels
  • 300ZX TT Brakes with Fresh Pads / Rotors

Interior / Exterior Specs:

  • Cusco Bolt In Roll Cage
  • 180SX Type X Seats Front and Rear
  • Nardi Steering Wheel
  • Custom Front Bumper with Extended Lip
  • JDM Aero Side Skirts
  • JDM Type X Rear Valences
  • JDM Type X Rear Wing
  • Custom Multi Stage Pearl Black Paint


  • AEM Series 2 ECU with Smart Coils
  • OEM Hydraulic Radiator System
  • Race Fuel System E85 / Ethanol Compatible
  • Braided AN Fittings Throughout

180SX2JZ02 180SX2JZ09 180SX2JZ07180SX2JZ11 180SX2JZ16 180SX2JZ18 180SX2JZ17 180SX2JZ15 180SX2JZ14 180SX2JZ21 180SX2JZ25 180SX2JZ23 180SX2JZ28180SX2JZ01

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