Orange Peel : DRAGint Built R32 GTR makes 1283WHP and is ready for new records!!

After spending some time back home in Trinidad, the D&D R32 GTR with 2JZ Power built by DRAGint returns to the South Florida for a host of upgrades aimed at increasing power as well as longevity.  With a goal of 7.2 sec 1/4 Mile the chassis is more than capable of handling this speed so more power is on the menu.  Air and Fuel were the main modifications to the car to increase velocity and volume as well as to lower temps and operate within more safe parameters.  For increased engine longevity we also switched from Aluminum Rods to steel Manley Turbo Tuff connecting rods as they have proven extremely reliable!

The car received a new Wilson Intake Manifold, a beautiful one off custom CNC piece, with 12 injectors.  Also a new massive front mount intercooler was installed for more consistent charge air temps.  To round out the mods the new 12 injectors are being fed by a custom front mounted gas tank with mechanical fuel pump!  On the engine size we switched from Aluminum Rods to Manley Turbo Tuff Rods for increased engine life.  A big shout out goes to Brian and Extreme Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale for his beautiful work with the aluminum fabrication work.  Also a big thanks goes to Crispeed working his tuning magic on the Haltech getting the 12 injectors and new  6 Port EGT monitors to power this car to a new max power of 1283 Wheel HP!!!  Check out some detailed pics of the new setup and lookout for Medicine Man Racing coming to a track near you!!!

_DSC1297 _DSC1301 _DSC1302 _DSC1303 _DSC1305

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