ORANGE PEEL : Beginnings of Black Series and Renault Sport – Ultimate Street Cars -190E Evo 2 and R5 Turbo 2

The air at the park seems tense with the presence of two brutal classic sports cars.  Just parking the R5 Turbo 2 seemed like a pit crew was going to emerge with tires and jacks, the noise is an event.  The Benz had just lowered down its suspension from having to crest a small bridge.   The DTM car looks like its ready to go 300mph.  It is ridiculously awesome.  These are the icons that represented what the people wanted, when speed was in the veins.  Small groups of geniuses made amazing power and handling, so that we could witness the greatest feats of motorsport.  We are offering for sale two of the most exciting sports cars of all time!


Renault made magic of its people’s car by engineering it to defeat anyone on the rally stage.  The engine was placed rear midship with a durabe 5 speed.  Years of knowledge in the rear midship platform meant that the new rear subframe with same size brakes front and rear had a 50/50 balance.  The entire engine and trans assembly was designed to be easily removed from the rear of the car.  In the early ’80’s, this Le Car was pitted against the fastest cars in the world, piloted by the craziest drivers in the world.  Group B cars demolished records and bruised the streets of the worlds most spectacular locations. Whether 4WD, FR or RR, the R5 Turbo 2 was the most competitive and entertaining 2WD Group B entrant.  This street homologation model is a 1984 R5 Turbo 2.  It is most original with all Bronze Glass, Rear Lower Valence, Grills and Roof Spoiler intact!  Fresh paint and refinished Gotti Wheels set it off.  It has been modified with period correct as well as new age turbo upgrades.  It makes for a classic rally car soundtrack – including turbo whistle, back fires and flames!  The R5 Turbo 2 represents the ’80’s racing to the max as it is the culmination of Renaults efforts in 2 of motorsports highest levels of competition – F1 and World Rally!  Turbo engine technology coupled with classic World Rally chassis capabilities make for one of the best and most involved drives you can experience.  This car is RenaultSport.


With just as much enthusiam as Group B, the early ’90’s era of DTM rocked the world with door to door racing that was literally evolving.  AMG understood that the Evolution 2 of its 190E needed to be a champion adversary for the M3 and Audi V8.  No system was left untouched with a major emphasis on competition level use.  This Evo 2, #146 of 500, is one of the most exclusive Mercedes Benz ever created.  It is all factory original and could not get any more menacing.  Two Tone Interior, Green Glass and A/C make this example excellently optioned.  Cosworth modified the Evo 2 engines for an additional level of power, nearly 380 in race trim.  The street cars received a 230HP variant that has good torque and a great power rush to the 7700 rpm redline.  The wild thing about this homologation wonder is that its science formed kit keeps you looking for the downforce.  You can see it on the car, its amazing.  The rear spoiler has multiple moving elements, it is adjustable to the extent of a full race car, but it is so finished to the degree of a scholar.  This car is Black Series.

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Both of these spectacular vehicles are available for sale.  Serious Inquiries Only.

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