JDM Import : R32 Skyline GTR in Best Blue Ever!

With the arrival of the 190E Evo 2 comes the completion of our restoration project Import ’89 R32 GTR.  We chose a custom metallic blue to set off the wide body.  This Skyline looks amazing and is in pristine condition!  Contact us for info and details concerning this GTR or to import, personalize and build a GTR of your own!

We have available for sale a classic 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR. This cult classic known as Godzilla, is in excellent condition throughout! We imported this car as a legal 25 Year Old Import (Box 1 Declaration on the HS-7 Import Form Seen Below). Because of its age the paint was showing signs of fading so we decided to give it a fresh custom paint job inside and out. The chassis is immaculate and has no rust. The new custom hue is amazing and looks perfect on the strong shoulders of the GTR. With the market being inundated by with scores of sub par examples know that we only import top quality cars. In addition we are Skyline experts and have inspected and performed maintenance on this vehicle in addition to the new paint. This car pulls amazingly well and shifts smoothly with no grinds. Inside is just as tidy as the exterior and is complete with no foul odors. Mostly stock, the only modification to our GTR is a Apexi Stainless Exhaust System with Stainless Downpipe. This is the safest and most potent upgrade to be made on these vehicles and it makes our car a monster!!! This is a perfect opportunity to get a custom skyline in excellent shape in nearly stock condition so that you can modify as you choose!

Original 10/1989 Production Nissan Skyline GTR
Low Mileage with 34,000 miles on the clock!
Factory 4WD with HICAS Steering Steering System
Smooth Shifting Close Ratio 5 Speed Transmission
Complete exterior and interior

All Stock Factory GTR Exterior
Fresh Custom Blue Multi Stage Paint throughout including trunk, jambs and engine bay
All glass, lights, trim and moldings were removed before paint for a seamless factory finish!
Wet Sanded and Buffed to perfection

Suspension / Brakes:
New OEM R32 GTR Struts with OEM Springs
Excellent Condition OEM Forged Wheels
Bridgestone Pole Position Tires with plenty of tread left

Engine / Drivetrain:
Completely Stock and extremely healthy RB26DETT engine and matching 5 Speed AWD Transmission
Starts up and idles perfeectly
Pulls Hards to the 8000 RPM Redline
No Grinds or Transmission Issues

R32GTRDRAGint01 R32GTRDRAGint03 R32GTRDRAGint02_1 R32GTRDRAGint07 R32GTRDRAGint05 R32GTRDRAGint04


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