Breathing Life Back Into a Beast! Renault R5 Turbo 2 Restoration

Not often does the opportunity come around to restore a classic homologation special!  This car is amazingly complete and in excellent condition.  It is a little weathered and tired from the South Florida sun.  It sounds like the Maxi 5 Turbo cars because it has upgrade cams, pistons, and an Turbonetics T3 turbo on the original 4-1 header – all controlled by a DTA Fast ECU.

The entire drivetrain – brake / clutch / suspension – has been upgraded with New Bushings, AVO Shocks, Stainless Lines, uprated OEM Twin Disc Clutch, New Wheel Bearings, New Axle Seals, etc. The Paint and Body are the icing on the cake!

The Tear Down begins and the emblems and garnishes are in excellent condition

We are at a new level in the restoration where we have the front end completely scrapped out.  Things are in good condition but there are some areas to address as well.

Update 04/12/14 – We are painting!  The Red looks beautiful and the body work is showing true and straight.

Update 02/12/15 – We are re-assembling!  The fitment and body came out awesome.  We will refinish the wheels and interior next.

Update 07/20/2015 – The Exterior and Drivetrain are finished!  It is making 200 HP at the wheels on pump gas!  Le Fast is back!  The wheels have been refinished with original Gotti Caps.  The door sticker and all emblems have been installed.  Magnificent!  We will finish the interior next!

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