Orange Peel : ADV1 Wheels features our 1050 HP Supra equipped with ADV10TS – at our Shop!!

The official designer of the wheel industry, ADV1, featured our recent shop built 1050 HP Supra with their classic ADV10 Track Spec Wheels! A modular, multispoke design with step lip + concave face features, blends old school with new school – just like our Flex Fuel Supra with 2JZ power. Designed per application, every element of the wheel is optimized through ADV1. Our set of 19×9.5 and 19×11 are the ultimate fitment for the JZA80 MK4 Chassis.

These wheels are strong yet light, tough and beautiful; characteristics not typical of rolling stock – ADV1 bespoke wheels are the highest level. We sought to complete our Supra with that very same mindset – to customize every aspect of the vehicles functions for a complete and unique driving experience. New age fuel and ignition technologies courtesy of Tuned by Lance allow our Supra to tune itself to create a staggering 1050 reliable HP from pump gas! This car is wicked! Click Here to visit the ADV1 Gallery. Special thanks to ADV1, William Stern, Tuned by Lance, JR Wiring Solutions and Extreme Motorsports.

These amazing photographs were take inside of our shop by

Click here to view the Supra Build

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