DRAGint.com Street Beast – Twin Turbo RB26 Powered S14

Built as the street version to our all out S15 Race Car, this S14 follows our basic principles for the ultimate cruiser : Fresh Looks, Big Power and of course Reliability!  We have transformed this 1998 Kouki 240SX into a show stopper with a gleaming custom red paint job inside and out.  The Drivetrain has been upgraded to complete GTR Skyline spec at over 680 HP.  It is powered by a fully customized and built Twin Turbo RB26 with R33 GTR Brembo Brakes as well as R34 GTR LSD Differential.  The suspension, wheels and interior have also been upgraded to match the power potential of this RWD Godzilla.  Check it out!


Mod List :

Red 240sx Red 240sx2 Red 240sx3

DRAGint 260SX RB26 Silvia
DRAGint 260SX RB26 Silvia
DRAGint 260SX RB26 Silvia
DRAGint 260SX RB26 Silvia


5 thoughts on “DRAGint.com Street Beast – Twin Turbo RB26 Powered S14”

  1. Wow. Absolute beauty. Vert Nice. How much you sale it for? I own two kouki like this but silver Moss. Bone stock one has no rust at all but I would love to swap transmission sincères they are both le auto with 2.4. 155 HP very far from this beast.

    Justlooking at theses pics make me dream

  2. Looking sharp! One of the best 240sx I’d ever seen! Definitely a beastly sexy 240. if it’s still looking for a new home wouldn’t mind having it if its still up for sale? I would take really good care of it as well as you did. Thanks for the 1080p pics.

  3. Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate it. Contact us for any more info on this or the many cars we have here. 954 423 1100 – Thanks again.

  4. Its our shop car, not really wanting to sell it but for $35k I would !

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