ORANGE PEEL : SUPRA 6 SPEED 3.2L 88MM – 1342 HP Dyno Thrashing!

Here it is!  Our Baltic Blue Beast smashes the STP Motorsports Dyno with 1342 HP!  In fact we made multiple 1300+ HP pulls to get the tune just right. lists our Supra as the 10th most powerful 2JZ setup in the country!  Reliability was also priority on this setup for easy strip and street use.  A Built 3.2L 2JZ with Precision Turbo 88mm / Hypertune Intake / Full Race Manifold transfers power through the tried and true V160 6 Speed and TRD LSD.  An RPS Billet Carbon Triple Clutch holds the power with comfortable pedal effort.  Tuned by Lance, the AEM V2 is working flawlessly and this car operates almost as smoth as stock!  This vehicle is available for purchase – please call for more info.

Mod List:

Supra Supra2

DragintSupraBlue05 DragintSupraBlue09 DragintSupraBlue14

DragintSupraBlue17 DragintSupraBlue16

2 thoughts on “ORANGE PEEL : SUPRA 6 SPEED 3.2L 88MM – 1342 HP Dyno Thrashing!”

  1. I saw it up for sale recently, can’t find it now, is it still for sale? I %100 will buy at the end of May! If not what’s the possibility of making one similar-ish?

  2. It is available not, it may not be available by then. Please call to discuss.

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