240SX Kouki Auto goes RB25DET Neo 5 Turbo 5 Speed!

Legendary RB power is bestowed upon this JDM Kouki Front S14 – we just completed an RB25DET R34 Neo 5 Speed conversion with LSD Differential.  With cold A/C and fully functional Gauge Cluster and Electronics this is one sweet swap.  The unique sound of the RB25 is music to our ears!  Having a strict budget due to being a full time student we carried out this swap with OEM reliability and functionality in mind.  Using Extreme Motorsports S14 + RB25 engine and trans mounts as well as custom intercooler kit the fit and finish on this swap is excellent.  Contact us if you would like to convert your RWD chassis to an RB25 or 1JZ powertrain!

With the fuel system, cooling system and driveshaft as well as 5 Speed conversion addressed we were able to turn the car over to JR Wiring Solutions to give it life.  The car runs extremely smoothly and we were able to retain the stock gauge cluster as well as cold ac.  The RB pulls extremely nicely in the relatively light S Chassis.  Contact us for more info on this and other RWD S Chassis Swaps.


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