ORANGE PEEL : 2015 Honda Civic Type-R Concept – FWD Turbo Madness

I don’t even want to post this because most likely the upcoming ‘Ring Record Chasing and Turbo + Flares + Brembo Kitted insane Honda Civic Type R will not be available for USA consumption.  Thanks Honda.  We get the flatulence powered natural gas powered civics though.  Those are awesome right?!  The Civic Type R is undergoing heavy testing in order for it to take back its FWD Production Car ‘Ring Record that is currently held by the Seat Leon Cupra 280.  The Seat Leon is a weird looking VW Golf…  Honda needs to make this asap.  And they need to make it with the rumored 280 HP Vtec Turbo engine!  The pictured body kit, flares and rims/tires look great, look like they mean business.  Bring the Type-R back to the USA, any version, heck even an Odyssey Type R.

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