Orange Peel : 2015 Lexus RC F – New Player with an Old Suite

Lexus has revealed the top of the line version of its RC Series, the 2015 RC F.  The great news is that this is a totally new offering from Lexus in the form of a grand tourer.   The RC slots in between the IS and GS in terms of size and capacities.

This high performance F model boasts a 460 HP V8, real exhaust tips and blistered body work that Lexus says embodies the form of an athletic supermodel….  Honestly it looks plump and taking many of its design cues from the IS F that has been around since 2008, it also looks old and outdated.  In any case, this is a welcomed addition to the Lexus fleet as a true 4 seater coupe has been long awaited.  

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