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FOR SALE : Budget Aristo – 2JZGTE Swapped GS300 Silver on Grey

We just swapped this 2001 GS300 Silver on Grey and it is good to go!  A clean title, clean chassis car with all body panel VIN stickers present, this is a great opportunity for the 2JZGTE enthusiast.  The car has great power, cold a/c and functions properly.  It would need some suspension maintenance as the shocks and bushings are showing their mileage.  Asking $8000, stop by our shop to review and test drive the car.

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2JZGTE SWAP : IS300 gets Moar Powaaaaa

IS300 2JZGTE Swap Done! A new client drove all the way from Wisconsin for the DRAGint touch! Started on Monday and delivered Friday morning, we do not play when it comes to meeting delivery deadlines! Complete Aristo Turbo swap with fuel system + Extreme Motorsports Fabrication + JR Wiring Solutions Electronics + Driveshaft Shop Prop Shaft!!! Let us swap your 2JZGE powered Coupe or Sedan to 2JZGTE!!!!

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Swap Service : Lexus SC430 + 2JZGTE VVTI PTE 6266 Single Turbo!

The Lexus SC430 has always intrigued us.  It is bullet proof reliable, is based on a chassis that can accept JZ drivetrain, and is a convertible.  It sounds like a great canvas to build up a sick street / show car but the unknown electronics tricky canbus system have scared shops and customers away alike.  We at DRAG International love a challenge and with the help of Brian of Extreme Motorsports (Fabrication) and Jr of JR Wiring Solutions (electrician) we have accomplished our goal to install a 2JZ Single Turbo drivetrain and retain all of the amenities of the Z40 Chassis!!  What do you call an automobile that can drop its hard top roof, encompass you in luxury appointments and melts its rear tires with 2JZ power – A Dream Come True!

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FOR SALE : Lexus IS300 5 Speed + Single Turbo 2JZGTE!

We have available for sale a super clean 2002 Lexus IS300 5 Speed that we customized in house.  We purchased this 5 Speed IS300 with a Clean Title all stock and then transformed it into a 4 door Supra!  We specialize in 2JZGTE swaps with OEM reliability and functionality.  A low mileage JDM Aristo VVTI Twin Turbo Motor was installed with a complete OEM Maintenance kit as well as a Custom Single Turbo Kit featuring a Precision 6266 Turbo and Tial 44mm wastegate.  Boost is regulated via wastegate spring for reliable, consistent power.  We also converted the interior to Black featuring full JDM Cloth Interior and Paneling.  The IS300 is known for being compact, luxurious and very sporty.  With the DRAGint.com touch, it is a serious performer that will blow the doors off of most other sedans!  This car starts up and idles perfectly with ice cold ac, rides smooth and tracks straight and has great stopping power with the new performance brakes all around.  

FOR SALE : Lexus GS300 Navi with 2JZGTE Twin Turbo Aristo Swap!

We have available for sale a very nice 1998 Lexus GS300 Navigation in desireable Blue Pearl with Black Leather Interior!  This car has received many professional upgrades with the highlight being a 2JZGTE Twin Turbo Aristo Swap.  Professionally installed and wired, this swap operates flawlessly and gives this GS300 performance.  The Front Mount Intercooler helps lower charge temps and ads an agressive look behind the TTE Style front lip.  THe interior is in excellent condition for its age – and is in the highly sought after all black.  This car blows cold a/c, rides smooth and has great stopping power from the Supra Turbo brakes.  An excellent daily driver, this car retains its Lexus luxury but ads a dose of Supra Turbo power!  

Aristo Swapped GS300 with Show and Go = V.I.P.erformance.

This GS300 has been perfected with boost coming from its performance minded VVTI 2JZ Twin Turbo and stopping power via Supra Calipers. Dynamic Autobody did a phenomenal job on the paint, it is show ready. The subtle tte molded lip and side skirts offer an authentic jdm sports appearance. A Team Orange Inc crew car, this GS300 has the full Aristo Drivetrain as well as audio upgrades to keep things steady pumping. 19 Inch Avus wheels fit these sports sedans the best, and compliment the ride of the Teins.  Contact us for a conversion like this on your 2GS or 1GS.

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Drag International S15 – Twin Turbo RB26 Power under testing!

With the summer break coming to an end we are getting ready to take flight in the S15 with its new Twin Precision Turbo RB26! At 2.6L we are surely testing the limits of this capacity. More S15 track action is soon to come and we are hoping to take the car into the 7’s!  Major RB26 power.   Contact us for your sports car needs.

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