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For Sale: JDM Unicorn 2002 GTR M-Spec Nur in Millenium Jade with Only 31K Kilometers!!

Being the JDM enthusiasts that we are, we always lusted over the incredible Nissan Skyline GTR – specifically the R34 variant.  It is such an incredible vehicle with power, balance and a driving experience second to none.  Nissan kept pushing the envelope with each iteration of the R34 and in 2002 they gave us the M-Spec Nur.  The gentleman’s sports car with enhance looks, reliable power and an increased level of comfort – it checked all of the boxes as it rivaled some of the most mature sports cars the world had to offer.  In typical Nissan fashion they also offered it in a variety of colors with Millennium Jade being one of the most iconic and distinguished hues available for this masterpiece.  Renowned the world over, the rare M-Spec Nur in Millennium Jade of which only 144 were produced – was even recognized by the US Government as being an exemplary example of automotive engineering and technology – worthy of Show and Display status for importation.  Show and Display vehicles are completely road legal in the USA for ownership and use.  DRAGint is pleased to present to the most discerning of collectors our extremely rare 1 of 23 – Factory No Audio 31k Kilometer M-Spec Nur GTR available now for sale!

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Godzilla VS King Kong – Part 2!

The debate may never end – who would win in a fight – GTR or Supra?  Godzilla or King Kong?!  Well when they are built by DRAGint and have 1000HP you know its going to be a serious match up!  We have all of these spectacular import performance machines available for sale – contact us to put one of these monsters in your garage!

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Sold : Low Key R33 GTR with BIG DRAGint Power!

With R33 GTR’s now legal in the USA we are going to see more of these awesome Skylines on our streets. They look great, handle awesome and of course, have that RB26 sweet sound!  But you know how we roll – we have it sauce things up!!!  The RB26 is an engine we are very familiar with having originally campaigned this power plant in our DRAGint S15 Silvia race car.  We have learned a lot about what it takes to make reliable power in these rev happy engines and have put that knowledge to work in this fresh Silver R33 GTR!  Full spec list to come but you know when we put our stamp on it – it’s gotta be official!  Over 800HP with AEM Flex Fuel technology and an engine bay that looks like heaven!  Link up with us to take this R33 for a test drive and ad it to your JDM collection.

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DRAGint.com Street Beast – Twin Turbo RB26 Powered S14

Built as the street version to our all out S15 Race Car, this S14 follows our basic principles for the ultimate cruiser : Fresh Looks, Big Power and of course Reliability!  We have transformed this 1998 Kouki 240SX into a show stopper with a gleaming custom red paint job inside and out.  The Drivetrain has been upgraded to complete GTR Skyline spec at over 680 HP.  It is powered by a fully customized and built Twin Turbo RB26 with R33 GTR Brembo Brakes as well as R34 GTR LSD Differential.  The suspension, wheels and interior have also been upgraded to match the power potential of this RWD Godzilla.  Check it out!

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GTR Gauge Clusters – Godzilla must be Monitored!

Gauge Clusters are available for popular sports cars from Nissan / Toyota / Lexus / Mazda.  Here are a few recent clusters we discovered in our inventory for R33 GTR and GTST / R32 GTR / S13 Turbo / FC3S Turbo.  We also have available for Supra / S14 / ST205 / Aristo / S15.

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