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JDM Wheels : 05/2014 Container Brings some Staggered Heat

We have an assortment of rare and hard to find performance wheels to fit 4 and 5 lug Japanese cars.  From our dismantled JDM cars we have complete sets – with center caps! – in great condition.  These are classic period correct japanese sports and race wheels.  Names such as BBS, Volk, Work, SSR, Regamaster, OZ as well as OEM for the  Supra, Aristo and Integra R.  Please call for more info.

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Front Clips : 05/2014 Container Brings RHD Front Clips FWD and RWD

For our most recent 05/2014 container we have a few front clips in excellent condition.  With good body panels, complete dash / steering / pedals and of course low mileage virgin engines these are the most desirable half cuts out there.   We have S13, S14, S15, Aristo, Supra, Soarer, Altezza, RX7 and Pulsar GTIR.  Please call for more info!

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ORANGE PEEL : JM Custom Creations – Elite Import Bash

We had a fun day with friends and family at the JM Custom Creations : Elite Import Bash.  What a Show!   With 2 Dynos, food, music and all of the nicest Tuned Lexus’ out of South Florida this was the best meet of 2014 thus far.  There were plenty of other makes and models as well.  The JM staff was great with transportation to and from the parking lot; they were extremely courteous!  We are looking forward to the next event!  Enjoy the photos!

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Aero – Suspension – Exterior

We carry various quality used OEM and Aftermarket Aero / Body Kits, Suspension Systems and Performance Wheel Sets for JDM Luxury Vehicles and Sports Cars.  We also specialize in JDM Lights, Skirts, Wings as well as Accessories.

Below is an example of the items we get in from our JDM imports.  Please Call for more info concerning these Chassis: S13 S14 S15 JZA80 JZS161 JZZ30 ST205 SW20 DC2 DC5 FD3S !

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Race Engines – Swap Service

In addition to selling quality low mileage motors, we specialize in Toyota/Lexus and Nissan – RWD- motor swaps.  From mild to wild we have the capabilities of putting together a show quality drivetrain with power to boot.  If a daily driver with Boost and Ice Cold A/C or a 7 sec x275 tire track monster is what you are after – Drag International has you covered!  Here are a few examples of our work over the last year!

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Half Cuts – Front Clips – Rear Clips

If you are interested in a Complete Front / Rear Clip we offer Cuts with Body Panels, Chassis Legs, Complete Running Drivetrains, Firewall with Dashboard and Pedal Assemblies!  Everything you need to fix your vehicles front end or rear end collision, install a JDM Turbo Motor and convert your ride to RHD.

We have parts for Chassis: S13 S14 S15 RPS13 JZA80 JZA70 JZZ30 JZS161 SXE10 FD3S RNN14 DC2 DC5.

We also have Toyota Supra Rear Clips for your Rear Impact and Quarter Panel Needs.

Nose Cuts for S14 Kouki Front End Coversions are also available.

Here are a few of our Clips / Cuts currently Available and In Stock at our Davie Location.

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