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DRAG International is proud to announce DRAGint MATS!  Style and Performance are the key to a unique sports car.  Designed around OEM specifications with durable heel pad and anchor points, functionality is enhanced.  Looped Pile and Waterproof construction offer easy cleaning.  DRAGint MATS checkered styling is the only way to step into the winners circle!  A new tuning upgrade option for popular performance vehicles, DRAGintMATS.com is LIVE with free shipping on every order!

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SWAP Service : Complete JDM Aristo Conversion on this GS300!

One of the most interesting swaps we have done as of lately, not because of the car, but because of the owner and his long time relationship with his GS300!  This 1 owner ’93 GS300 came all the way from NY to have DRAGint perform our signature complete 2JZGTE Swap / Conversion.  The owner has slowly upgraded and rejuvenated the car with exterior paint,  upgraded interior as well as suspension and brakes.  We tackle the involved conversion on this chassis with OEM factory precision!

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Aristo Swapped GS300 with Show and Go = V.I.P.erformance.

This GS300 has been perfected with boost coming from its performance minded VVTI 2JZ Twin Turbo and stopping power via Supra Calipers. Dynamic Autobody did a phenomenal job on the paint, it is show ready. The subtle tte molded lip and side skirts offer an authentic jdm sports appearance. A Team Orange Inc crew car, this GS300 has the full Aristo Drivetrain as well as audio upgrades to keep things steady pumping. 19 Inch Avus wheels fit these sports sedans the best, and compliment the ride of the Teins.  Contact us for a conversion like this on your 2GS or 1GS.

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Lexus GS300 goes FULL ARISTO Twin Turbo + Aero!

One of our bread and butter conversions – we knock out a 2JZGTE Twin Turbo swap into a MINT 1st Generation Lexus GS300.  This long time customer has made small upgrades over the months to include JDM Lights front and rear, OEM optional Sun Roof Visor, HKS Full Stainless Exhaust as well as Supra Turbo Brake and Wheel Conversion!  The culmination of his Aristo dream is this Twin Turbo 2JZ installed with factory cleanliness and functionality.  We topped it all off with a genuine JDM front bumper with matching intercooler and diversion panels.  Everything works as intended, it blows ice cold ac, and the turbos spools up lovely!  Pretty much a complete JZS147 Aristo conversion!  We can perform this swap for you in about 5 business days and our swaps come with a 3 month guarantee!

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ORANGE PEEL : 1993 Lexus GS300 – T88 Single Turbo 9 Sec Street Car For Sale!

We have available this classic 1993 Lexus GS300 that has been highly modified into a 9 Sec 1/4 Mile monster with 1144HP!  A true sleeper, this GS was built by BMPC as a Full Interior and Full Weight track beast with the best parts available in the early 2000’s.  Very well known in South Florida Import Racing, it has been parked in storage for over 6 years.

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JDM EXHAUST : 05/2014 CONTAINER Hi Flow Street / Race Systems

We have an assortment of Hi Performance exhaust systems for the popular Japanese RWD Sports Cars and Sedans : S13 S14 JZA70 JZA80 JZS161 JZZ30 JZS147 JCESE DC5 DC2.

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Aero – Suspension – Exterior

We carry various quality used OEM and Aftermarket Aero / Body Kits, Suspension Systems and Performance Wheel Sets for JDM Luxury Vehicles and Sports Cars.  We also specialize in JDM Lights, Skirts, Wings as well as Accessories.

Below is an example of the items we get in from our JDM imports.  Please Call for more info concerning these Chassis: S13 S14 S15 JZA80 JZS161 JZZ30 ST205 SW20 DC2 DC5 FD3S !

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Race Engines – Swap Service

In addition to selling quality low mileage motors, we specialize in Toyota/Lexus and Nissan – RWD- motor swaps.  From mild to wild we have the capabilities of putting together a show quality drivetrain with power to boot.  If a daily driver with Boost and Ice Cold A/C or a 7 sec x275 tire track monster is what you are after – Drag International has you covered!  Here are a few examples of our work over the last year!

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Half Cuts – Front Clips – Rear Clips

If you are interested in a Complete Front / Rear Clip we offer Cuts with Body Panels, Chassis Legs, Complete Running Drivetrains, Firewall with Dashboard and Pedal Assemblies!  Everything you need to fix your vehicles front end or rear end collision, install a JDM Turbo Motor and convert your ride to RHD.

We have parts for Chassis: S13 S14 S15 RPS13 JZA80 JZA70 JZZ30 JZS161 SXE10 FD3S RNN14 DC2 DC5.

We also have Toyota Supra Rear Clips for your Rear Impact and Quarter Panel Needs.

Nose Cuts for S14 Kouki Front End Coversions are also available.

Here are a few of our Clips / Cuts currently Available and In Stock at our Davie Location.

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