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Swap Service : IS300 2JZGTE BPU + KOYO + TE37!!!!

IS300 swaps have becoming very interesting in many enthusiasts looking to exploit 2JZ power in a more affordable manual transmission platform.  This IS300 came in from a client referral which is wonderful thing.  A JDM 2JZGTE VVTI Twin Turbo Motor was installed onto the existing 5 Speed OEM W55.  This setup is good for up to about 400 WHP safely.  With the Custom Front Mount Intercooler, Intake, Downpipe and Koyo Radiator the car runs extremely nice.  All stock ECU and 11psi Boost make for a Quick and Reliable setup.  Daily Driver status.  And with a single turbo +450HP is only a few upgrades away.  Contact us to upgrade your sports car!

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Lexus GS300 goes FULL ARISTO Twin Turbo + Aero!

One of our bread and butter conversions – we knock out a 2JZGTE Twin Turbo swap into a MINT 1st Generation Lexus GS300.  This long time customer has made small upgrades over the months to include JDM Lights front and rear, OEM optional Sun Roof Visor, HKS Full Stainless Exhaust as well as Supra Turbo Brake and Wheel Conversion!  The culmination of his Aristo dream is this Twin Turbo 2JZ installed with factory cleanliness and functionality.  We topped it all off with a genuine JDM front bumper with matching intercooler and diversion panels.  Everything works as intended, it blows ice cold ac, and the turbos spools up lovely!  Pretty much a complete JZS147 Aristo conversion!  We can perform this swap for you in about 5 business days and our swaps come with a 3 month guarantee!

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Race Engines – Swap Service

In addition to selling quality low mileage motors, we specialize in Toyota/Lexus and Nissan – RWD- motor swaps.  From mild to wild we have the capabilities of putting together a show quality drivetrain with power to boot.  If a daily driver with Boost and Ice Cold A/C or a 7 sec x275 tire track monster is what you are after – Drag International has you covered!  Here are a few examples of our work over the last year!

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