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DRAG International is proud to announce DRAGint MATS!  Style and Performance are the key to a unique sports car.  Designed around OEM specifications with durable heel pad and anchor points, functionality is enhanced.  Looped Pile and Waterproof construction offer easy cleaning.  DRAGint MATS checkered styling is the only way to step into the winners circle!  A new tuning upgrade option for popular performance vehicles, DRAGintMATS.com is LIVE with free shipping on every order!

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JDM Container 02.2015 – 2 Skylines and the usual JDM Engine / Trans / Body / Interior

02/2015  our latest container arrives with the usual assortment of Interior, Exterior, Engines and Drivetrains.  Rotary and Inline 6 Cylinder are back in stock.  We also have more S13 / S14 / S15 Front Ends as well as Interior for Supra and FD3S.  We also imported 2 1989 Nissan Skyline R32!  Adhering to the 25 Year old import rule this car is 100% legal to own and operate in the USA!  Contact us for engines parts concerning Supra / Silvia / S14 / 180SX / S13 / RX7 / Altezza / IS300 / Aristo / GS300 / Skyline – See below a sample of the items available.

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Aero – Suspension – Exterior

We carry various quality used OEM and Aftermarket Aero / Body Kits, Suspension Systems and Performance Wheel Sets for JDM Luxury Vehicles and Sports Cars.  We also specialize in JDM Lights, Skirts, Wings as well as Accessories.

Below is an example of the items we get in from our JDM imports.  Please Call for more info concerning these Chassis: S13 S14 S15 JZA80 JZS161 JZZ30 ST205 SW20 DC2 DC5 FD3S !

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