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Sold: RHD Supra with +1000HP Automatic and Runs 8’s!!!

For the diehard speed demon we have wrapped up our Project RHD Supra track beast!  Making 1000+ HP and running 8.5’s in the 1/4 mile – this automatic trans Supra is easy to drive and beyond fast!!!  All creature comforts remain so that it cruises as well as it hauls!!!  This vehicle was a test bed for our latest combination of electronics and hardware to allow us to utilize an AEM Infintiy ECU along with an ATF Speed Built Factory 4 Speed Automatic Transmission via a Forced Four Shift Box transmission computer!  One time for Tune by Lance on setting us up with this cutting edge technology for the tried and true 2JZGTE + A340!!!

Our first visit to the track and we ran 8’s right off the trailer!

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