JULY 4th Showdown! Godzilla vs King Kong! Midnight Opal vs Burple! VR38 vs 2JZ!

Being the Japanese performance fans that we are, we could not pass up the opportunity to witness this epic battle on July 4th!!!!  Our very own ultra rare Midnight Opal Edition – 750HP R35 GTR Godzilla versus Pokemon’s Burple DRAG Built – 1500HP Supra JZA80!!!!  With GTR values on the rise we decided to procure one of the rarest iterations of Godzilla every produced – the magnificent Gold Plate R35 in Midnight Opal.  Akin to midnight purple, this illustrious color changes in the light and looks epic on the BC Forged NA Wheels!  Not to be outdone, the classic curvy lines in our custom Burple blue/purple paint on the Supra looks timeless and goes so well on the BC Forged NA Wheels!  Get in touch with us to build your Supra, GTR or just equip your ride with a set of BC Forged Wheels!

R35 Detailed Shots