SHOP PROJECT : Introducing Killer Street 1600HP Supra – Original Hardtop 6 Speed!!!

New Shop Project! Presenting our latest build Project 1600HP Supra! An Original White Hardtop 6 Speed Car, this project is going to be a Street / Show Monster with some new secret Engine / ECU / Fuel System sauce to make a healthy and reliable 1600HP!!!! Fully built from the ground up – with custom everything : Paint / Body / Chrome Engine / Upgraded Brakes and Suspension / Interior – THE WORKS!!! We are going to build the most wicked MK4 in the USA! Stay tuned for updates on this project as we begin to assemble it now!!!!

#1449HP @ the Wheels before the #ShotofNitrous!!!!

Almost ready to Dyno!  11/14/2019

Update 03/27/19

Update 09/21/18