SHOP PROJECT : Introducing Killer Street 1600HP Supra – Original Hardtop 6 Speed!!!

New Shop Project! Presenting the personal DRAGint Shop Special Project #7 – 1600HP Supra! An Original White Hardtop 6 Speed Car, this project is going to be a Street / Show Monster with some new secret sauce Engine / ECU / Fuel System sauce to make a healthy and reliable 1600HP!!!! Fully built from the ground up – with custom everything : Paint / Body / Chrome Engine / Upgraded Brakes and Suspension / Interior – THE WORKS!!! We are going to build the most wicked MK4 in the USA! Stay tuned for updates on this project as we begin to assemble it now!!!!

Almost ready to Dyno!  11/14/2019

Update 03/27/19

Update 09/21/18