SHOP PROJECT : 1300HP Supra Build #4 – Snow White and the 1300 Horses

Yes yes yes yes yes this one is maddddd!!!!  Project Snow White and the 1300 Horses is nearly complete!!!!!  Our DRAGint showcase – Shop Project 1300HP Supra #4 has come a long way to be one of the baddest MK4’s to come out of the shop.  Customized throughout for show quality looks + race car performance + Toyota reliability and comfort!  The only way we know how to do it!!!!  Look out for the full build spec soon – enjoy the progress photos for now:

Nearly Complete – some engine bay items need to be powder coated – install exterior emblems – dyno tune session!

Major progress made with drivetrain / suspension / interior installation!

Paint and Body work complete – an excellent color change through and through!!!

Stock stock car as we received it in October 2018!