RACING : Haltech World Cup Finals 2017 – THE BEST DRAG RACE EVENT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

The 2017 Haltech World Cup Finals is in the record books and WHAT A TRULY  AMAZING EVENT!!!!!!  No where else in the world will you find the fastest domestic and import racers going at it heads up with so many record ET and MPH passes!!!!!!  This year was truly a test for the DRAGint / TEAM Orange Inc Honda S3000 with 2JZ Power!  We made our personal best fastest time and then had a bit of a scare with a small crash!  But we prevailed to make it to semi final eliminations of the Extreme vs Outlaw Class!!!!!  Check out the TRC Video recap!!!!

First off we have to Give Thanks to the Man above for making this week long event safe and fun for our entire family!  DRAGint would like to congratulate Jason and the Miller Production crew for putting on this WORLD CLASS event!!!!  We have to send a huge thank you to Haltech for making this event better every year and for their awesome ECU’s that we use to control our crazy 1700HP S3000!!!  ONE TIME for CRISPEED Tuned and his great tuning and track support!  DRAGint’s fearless leader Larry would like to thank his Wife Neeta and Kids Myriah and Michael for making the trip and being his biggest fans from staging to chutes!!!!  We would like to thank Ballhead for being the best Crew Chief and 2JZ expert!!!  VJ Hulk for logistics and staging!!!!  One time for Rocko and the Dragon Maintenance and Repairs Crew!!!  A huge THANK YOU goes out to the BEST Fabricators in the WORLD!!  Brian of Extreme Motorsports in Oakland Park, Fl as well as Richie of RAW Powered in Fort Lauderdale, Fl!!!!  These two work together in a great harmony and were the deciding factor to get the S3000 fixed after our brush with the wall.  Focus, Determination, and 2 Ford Dually Trucks helped to get the Chassis back in order and we Patched / Welded / Duct Taped it the best we could!  Another big thank you goes to Tuned by Lance for helping to keep us going straight down the track at 190+ MPH!!!

We can not forget Uncle Neil and the Neil Auto Works S13 running low 7’s with big MPH!!!  So much determination – we even changed a complete motor to keep in the competition!  Bumble Bee Power!!!!!!

Check out DRAGZINE.COM as well as HALTECH ECU for awesome media coverage of this years 22nd Annual WCF!  Be sure to look out for us in 2018 for next year’s Haltech World Cup Finals!!!