Shop Project – 1995 Supra Renaissance Red Hard Top 1275HP

Update 11/09/17 : We are reassembling this beautiful project and Wiring / Tuning are all that is left to complete it!  We are shooting for 1275 Wheel Horsepower from the 3.0L DRAGint Spec 2JZ with AEM Infinity ECU E85 Flex Fuel setup.  Totally upgraded from top to bottom, this is our latest Signature Shop Supra!

First Update 07/2017 : This car is getting the works!  Having come across a super clean no accident 1995 Hard Top in complete great running order we decided this would be an excellent base for a full on big power show Supra!  AEM Inifinity + DRAGint 3.0L Built Engine + 6 Speed + Interior Upgrades + Suspension and Brakes + Fresh Paint.  One Time!!!!!  Check out the progress pics below and check back for updates.