Scoot Sports FD3S Top Speed Wangan Warrior 327KMH Replica – In Japan Auctions WTF?!

Japanese auctions are awesome.  On any given day, you can find a full spectrum of automotive goodness available for purchase.  From your little sisters daily driver 1999 Toyota Corolla with 200,000 KM’s and  200,000 door dings to purpose built sports cars by world renowned tuners like this :  Scoot Sports FD3S RX7 for Track/Top Speed!  This does not seem like the original 327 Top Speed FD3S, but a customer car that Scoot Sports build as a tribute.  The car has been thoroughly upgraded from all aspects to include Engine / Trans / Fuel / Turbo / Radiator / Aero / Brakes / Suspension.  It has been spotted by Speedhunters at the Scoot Sports shop in Japan as well as various popular RX7 meets and RX7 Track Days at Tsukuba.  This should return to auction this week 06/19/17 – contact us if you would like to ad this wicked RX7 to your collection!  Check out Scoot Sports Website:

The FD3S at Scoot Sports

The FD3S at Gatherings and on Track!

The FD3S Sales Listing Photos Showing Engine!