ORANGE PEEL : Gymkhana 7 – Wild in the Streets of Los Angeles!!

Our favorite Ford Mustang Hooning Skater Shoe Wearing Tire Shredding Hydraulic Handbrake Ripping Clutchless Shifting Smoke Inhaling Curb Hopping Police Donut Eating Highway Drifting Anti-Lag Launching Power Sliding 360 Spinning Low Rider Switching OJ Chasing Rally Driver Ken Block is back with what some are calling the best installment of the Gymkhana series to date with this Gymkhana 7. Check it out – it is awesome! Do you think this tops the previous Hoonigan displays that go way back to Subaru STI sponsored shenanigans?

GYM7_Web__001 GYM7_Web__007 GYM7_Web__006 GYM7_Web__004 GYM7_Web__005 GYM7_Web__003 GYM7_Web__002 GYM7_Web__008


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