ORANGE PEEL : FormulaD – Miami Heat! Top 16 Final Battles – Pt 1

This years Formula Drift event melts the rubber in the Miami heat at the beautiful Homestead Speedway.  This Round 3 stop saw Gittin take his 2nd victory in a row as he muscled his Mustang through the swamp.  Forsberg finished 2nd and is still leading the Championship with Gittin close behind. Moen placed third and is now 3rd in the points chase. However with 4 more events to go anyone can take the title. This 2 Day event also had a new Pro2 group battle and the awesome Top 32 Open Practice.  There were many surprises as crowd favorites did not advance to the Final Top 16 and a few close calls saw some cars getting air born!

The Car Show was situated in the race pits and had a sick assortment of JDM and Performance rides.  Dubbed Offset Kings, there was also a gang of slammed and stanced whips.  Friday saw preliminary action for the Pro class but also a complete Pro2 battle with Stoneback winning in his S14.  In collaboration with Discovery Turbo we present to you our coverage of the worlds best drifters as they slide through Miami!

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With only a few good vantage points I chose the infield for the final battle so that I could get a few different angles.  The slow hairpin would lead into the sweeping right hander in front of the stands.  The drivers that could change direction quickly and with the most velocity saw victory in battle.

Here are all of my Top 16 Final Competition Pics:

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Photographs and Words by Gerard Carre (@eightsixmm on IG)

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