240SX Kouki Auto goes 1JZGTE Non VVTI Twin Turbo Auto!

We start on another swap project using the venerable 1JZGTE Twin Turbo motor.  This time its a Stanced 240SX S14 Kouki version that is going to get some power  – no more driving slow!  The engine is already in place using Extreme Motorsports Mounts.  Now we move on to Fuel / Cooling / Drive Shaft and the rest of the critical supporting mods.  More progress photos and info to come!

With the fuel system, cooling system and driveshaft addressed we were able to turn the car over to JR Wiring Solutions to give it life.  The car runs extremely smoothly and we were able to retain the stock gauge cluster as well as cold ac.  The 1JZ pulls extremely nicely in the relatively light S Chassis.  Contact us for more info on this and other RWD S Chassis Swaps.

And here is a running video!

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