Orange Peel : Geneva Motor Show 2014

The Geneva Motor Show always has some of the most amazing premieres.  Cars like the Koenigsegg Agera One:1 and the Lambo Huracan LP 610-4 were seen in public for the first time.  These debuts push the limits of the exotic and the hyper car to new levels.  The re-engineered Renault Twingo is radical on a more pedestrian level with cool rear engine and funky styling cues from its concept precursor the Twin’Run.

Other concepts and showings were just as exciting with turbo power bringing every car to new heights.  The Civic Type R brings performance tradition all the way to the old JDM Domestic 280 HP limit!  Its amazing to think this car has the same power that the best Japanese sports cars from the ’90’s could muster.  Ruf debuted their RCT highlighting a rear drive Turbo platform that perfectly enhances the 911.  The Mclaren 650S is what the MP4 was needing and it comes topless too.  The Audi S1 is a real hot hatch we won’t see here in the states.  Also the Eau Rouge GTR Powered Infiniti Sedan looks even better in persn!

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