Orange Peel : 2014 Infiniti Eau Rouge Q50 – Godzilla just had babies

Ever since the R35 GTR was released to the public we knew this monster would spawn legitimate offspring (sorry Juke R).  The modularity in Nissan engineering can often foreshadow actual offerings.  The G37XS was a very capable sports sedan whose 4WD V6 platform hinted at the compatibility of the VR motor in a more sedate, or sedan like form.

For the 2014 Geneva Auto show Infiniti has brought back the Eau Rouge Q50 Concept but with greater detail on its previously unknown drivetrain.  Based on the GTR’s VR 3.8L Twin Turbo – the Eau Rouge boasts 560 HP channeled through a 7 Speed (not 6 speed like the GTR).  The styling ques are reminicent of the FX Sebastian Vettel Version and are quite sporting being inspired by F1 technology.  With what looks to be Godzilla derived Brakes and Suspension, the Eau Rouge may devour the entire Sports Sedan Segment in one fire breathing breath!

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