Team Orange Inc.

Team Orange Consists of the Street and Race cars belonging to Drag International Friends, Family and Crew! For us it is all about your cars individuality, performance and sound!

S15 Silvia – Larry’s Shop Race Car with RB26 Power 8.23 @ 164mph

Nissan PU – Rocko’s Sound Off Machine with SR20DET Power

S13 180SX – Neil Auto Works Race Car with 2JZ Power running low into the 7.4 Range!  New Pics and updated info coming soon!

R32 GTR – Navin’s Race Car with 2JZ Power Built by DRAGint 7.31 best time – one of the fastest stock chassis 2JZ car in the world!

S14 240SX – Larry’s Street Shop Car with RB26 Power 680HP on 93 Octane

S14 240SX – Neil Auto Works Shop Street Car with Big Single RB Power

S14 240SX – Kevi’s Street Car with RB25 Power 620HP on E85 Flex Fuel

S14 240SX – Bruce’s Street Car with 2JZ Power 450HP on 93 Octane

S15 Silvia – Darkwings LHD S15

JZS161 Aristo – Rocko’s Turbo VVTi Powered cruiser

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